Ethereum price crosses $ 4,573, continuous pump in the coin

On April 29, Ethereum was trading at $ 2799 (about Rs 2,09,925). Today it is around $ 4,305.82 i.e. Rs 3,43,505. According to the global research team of research website Finder and UK-based multinational bank, Standard Chartered, by the end of this year, it can go up to $ 4512 i.e. around Rs 3,38,400. Currently, one Ethereum price is $4,220.50 (Rs 3,16,620.36). Let us know how much its price will increase in the coming years according to the research team.

Price may be $ 19842 by 2025
At the same time, by the year 2025, the price of one Ethereum can touch the level of $ 19842 i.e. around Rs 14,88,150. Panelists, including Thomson Reuters technologist Joseph Raczynski and LMX Group’s Joel Kruger, believe that valuations and innovation will spur Ethereum. Standard Chartered also believes that the ongoing upgrade will improve the functionality and efficiency of Ethereum.

Is it the right time to buy?
59% of analysts believe that this is the right time to buy Ethereum. At the same time, 28 percent of the panelists advised investors to put Ethereum on hold. Standard Chartered predicted that Ethereum could increase 10 times to reach 26 thousand to 35 thousand dollars.

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